Weekend Update: Big Boy Bed, Art and More

18 Feb

It was a big weekend in Nyan Thomas’s world: he moved to the Big Boy Bed! Okay technically it’s the same crib he’s always had, but Daddy finally figured out that, rather than buying a whole new bed, he could just take the front off the crib and voila – it’s basically a bed. Was Nyan excited? He was:

He took to it pretty well – he has yet to climb out of it overnight or when he’s having trouble falling asleep; we’re not sure if he just hasn’t figured out that he could just crawl out and open his bedroom door or what, but we’re not about to tell him that.

Sunday was a beautiful day here: about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, crystal blue skies, nary a cloud to be seen. We had tickets to see an exhibit at the Tate Modern art museum, so we headed there (being careful not to tell Nyan we were going to a “museum” since he associates museums with airplanes and buses). Here’s Mommy and Nyan on the tube, and on the bridge connecting the museum to St Paul’s Cathedral. Look at that bright sunshine!

At the museum itself, Nyan did fairly well as Mommy and Daddy looked at the art – he was a bit antsy, a bit bored perhaps, rode around on Daddy’s shoulders as Daddy pointed out various things in the paintings and Nyan pretended to be interested. Frankly he was more patient than we might have expected.

We had lunch at the restaurant upstairs. While we waited for our food, Nyan drew pictures with the crayons and posed for photos with Mommy:

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And when the food arrived, Nyan decided he would chow down on… butter:

Yes, butter. Straight up butter.

Well, at least he’s getting some calories…

After a train ride home and then a nap, Daddy offered to take Nyan to the park. He didn’t want to, he said. So Daddy asked him what he wanted to do. “I wanna ride a train!” Fair enough: Daddy took Nyan back to the tube station and they rode the train. Didn’t go anywhere: we rode for about 20 minutes out into the British countryside, then got on a train going back the other way. But he loved it. Here he is waiting for the train:


Other tidbits from the weekend: Here’s Nyan, getting in some reading during breakfast. Yes, he wanted to read the local recycling guide.


And here he is playing in the tall char in our bedroom. He likes to crawl into there and pretend it’s a food stand, offering ice cream, cake, tea, etc. to whoever. He had a lot of trouble getting in – he’s growing up!

So, a fun weekend overall. And he was pretty tuckered out by the end of it – and obviously quite happy to crawl into his big boy bed on Sunday evening.

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