Road Trip: Rochester Castle & Cathedral

10 Feb

About 45 minutes to the southeast of London, on the banks of the River Medway, is the old town of Rochester, home to the 900-year-old Rochester Castle. It’s quite a sight, both inside and out – the wooden floors have long since rotted away, so inside you get some tremendous views all the way up to the sky:

A few weeks back, on a sunny but windy and chilly Sunday morning, we headed there to take in the views. We climbed up probably eight stories to the very top and found some stunning views:

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Just across the road is the Rochester Cathedral, a pretty beautiful building in its own right. It’s the second-oldest cathedral in England, and Christians have been worshiping on this very site since about 600 AD.

Inside is a huge and tremendous pipe organ. And, on this Sunday, also inside was a silly boy who decided to lay on the stone floor and pose for a photo.

Later we walked around the church grounds, where the grass was still green despite it being the middle of January. Nyan was just happy to be able to run around, pick up sticks, explore the statues… typical Nyan stuff.

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We had Sunday lunch at a pub, wandered the old High Street a bit, and generally took in 1,000 years of history. All in a day’s work.


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