Today’s Videos: Yoga

07 Aug

A couple weeks back, when we picked up Nyan at school, he mentioned something about yoga. He babbles a lot of words, so we thought nothing of it. But when we got home, he showed off…. a yoga move. The downward dog, to be precise. We were certainly impressed by his skills, and figured they must have done yoga at school. (Yoga at a daycare/nursery? Pretty progressive, thought we! Well done, nursery.)

The next day, we casually mentioned his moves to the ladies at the nursery and said how cool we thought it was that they were teaching yoga to two-year-olds. They looked at us like we were crazy. “We didn’t teach him that. He just started doing it the other day, and saying ‘yoga.’ A couple of the other kids followed him and started doing it as well. We just figured you had taught him that at home.” Uh, what?

We figure he must have seen Mommy do yoga once, and instantly picked it up. Nothing gets by that kid… in any event, he has been doing it quite a bit lately, and we caught it on film:

Okay so he’s easily distracted. But hey, he’s two. You’ll notice in that video that Mommy and Daddy (Grandma and Grandpa too) are encouraging him to close his eyes and say “Ohmmm,” the universal sound of meditation. Here we are doing it again, as he sits in his high chair:

And finally, here we have Daddy and Nyan doing some yoga poses together, followed by Nyan being Nyan, strutting around the place, being silly, and stalling because he knows it’s time for bed. (The lighting is quite poor at the start; it improves a little ways in, once we flip a switch and turn on the light.)

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