Today’s Videos: Summertime Fun

14 Jul

We haven’t posted a lot lately, ’cause we’ve been busy packing house (more on that later). But this weekend, in fact the last week or so, the weather has been just perfect. Sunny, warm, no rain, no humidity either – lord knows we’ve earned a spot of good weather! So on Saturday afternoon, we took a little break from shoving stuff into cardboard boxes and spent some time in the backyard.

Among the highlights: Nyan and Daddy laid on the grass at one point, looking up at the sky. Daddy asked: What color is the sky? “Green!” Uh… But then an airplane went by, of course. “Airplane! People!” Yes, that’s right, there are people on there. “People going! bye bye!” Yep, they’re going. Where do you think they’re going? “Iowa!” We realized later, the only place he’s been on a plane (at least since he’s become somewhat conscious) has been to Iowa. So he associates planes with going to Iowa. Clever kid.

Other highlights were captured on these two videos. Here is he running (remember six months ago when the kid could hardly walk?), looking at the sprinkler, singing the ABC song, and asking Daddy for a cuddle – though only because he wanted to get high up so he could examine the bird feeder.


Later, he started picking up these solar-powered garden lights that we have shoved into the ground (yes, he’s been told not to, but hey…) and playing with them. Early on, Daddy tells him to not throw them in the air ’cause he’ll hurt himself. So he stopped throwing them, but still managed to poke his belly with one. And had to explain to his dense Daddy what happened. (Not to worry, folks: kid was fine after Daddy gave his belly a little get-well kiss.)

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One response to “Today’s Videos: Summertime Fun

  1. Grandma L

    July 15, 2013 at 12:07 am

    So sad that Nyan is going to lose his nice garden to play in. Hope the park is close enough so we can spend lots of time there. Sure looking forward to seeing everyone in person – rather than blog or skype!! We leave in 11 days…. Hope the weather stays as nice as it is now.


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