Today’s Videos: After School Fun

04 Feb

Nyan’s weekdays usually go something like this: Up at 7; a little bit of breakfast, a quick clean-up, dressed and out the door by about 7:45. Spend all day at ‘school’ (a.k.a. nursery, a.k.a. day care), get picked up by Mommy or Daddy around 6 or a little before, home by 6:15. Dinner is around 7, bath at 7:30, bedtime around 8. But those 45 minutes between getting home and dinner? That’s playtime!

It typically takes him all of about three minutes to make our once-neat family room look like a disaster zone, with toys spread everywhere and books scattered wherever there’s no toys. (Luckily, cleaning up doesn’t really take that long, but man, the place very quickly becomes a mess!) Here, then, we share a few videos from the past few weeks, just a couple slices of life of that magical hour when it’s all about playing.

Here is he riding his plastic dump truck around the room, learning a little espanol with the help of his laptop, and playing with one of his newest and most favored toys, the talking zoo.


In this next video, we see our hero alternating between walking around the room, and plopping down into Daddy’s lap.


Finally, Nyan plays with the weird electronic caterpillar that plays some really bizarre and almost psychedelic music. The batteries are about to run out, so it’s even more psychedelic than usual these days.

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