Nyan Thomas Meets Santa Claus

02 Dec


On Saturday, Nyan’s nursery (a.k.a. day care center) had its annual Christmas Bazaar – a fundraiser for some local charities and featuring raffles, music, snacks, face-painting, and Santa’s Grotto. Daddy and Nyan headed down for a little while, and not only did we win a faux-leather purse in the raffle, but young Nyan Thomas came face to face, for the first time ever, with Santa Claus himself! Read on for pictures and the story of what he did when he met Santa…

Here he is after getting his face painted. Nyan didn’t exactly sit still, so the tree came out a little bit smudged. Oh well…


Here he is, checking out the scene…


And here’s the boy with an elf, and with Santa himself! (Let’s just ignore the fact that Santa had painted nails and sounded awfully feminine…) Nyan didn’t know what to make of this at first – the room was a little dimly lit, and there was a strange person dressed in red talking to him – but sitting either on the lap of the elf (who doubles as his key caregiver on weekdays) or his daddy seemed to help. Santa gave Nyan a wrapped pressie and the young man, bless him… he looked it, smiled, and handed it back to Santa! That’s right: Nyan Thomas – who in recent months has shown that he does indeed love to share things and give things to other people – gave a present to Santa Claus. If that doesn’t make the kid special, I don’t know what does! (Said the proud papa.)




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