The Things He Does

29 Nov

A few random snippets of life with Nyan in recent days, with a couple of photos for good measure.

Item one: the Fridge.

Our rented house in London is somewhat lacking in certain creature comforts – including ample refrigeration. Instead of your normal fridge/freezer, we have a tiny fridge and a tiny freezer – our American readers will know what we mean when we say the fridge is ‘dorm-sized.’ We make do the best we can.

The tiny fridge fits nearly under the countertop, which means all of its innards are at a perfect height for a curious young man who is just learning to stand on his own. And sure enough, on Tuesday morning, as Daddy was getting out the milk or juice or something, Nyan was showing off his standing moves and checking stuff out on the fridge shelves. (This is his new thing, and it resulted, a couple days ago, in me being unable to find the carton of eggs; I found them later in the vegetable drawer.)

But it was just Nyan harmlessly exploring his surroundings – something we certainly encourage. Off we all went on our days. Fast forward to Tuesday evening when Mommy went to get some milk out of the fridge herself: rock solid. Same with the juice, the water, the vegetables… everything was frozen solid. It didn’t take her long to figure it out: the temperature control dial was turned all the way up. (Or would that be all the way down? The coldest setting, you know what I mean.) So yes: our curious young man had turned the refrigerator into a freezer. (Turns out it’s got some powerful cooling powers!) Oh, Nyan.

Item two: humidifier.

It’s cold here in London these days – has been for the last two months actually, a fact that doesn’t make anyone at Casa Nyan all that happy, but set that aside for now. To keep the young man’s immune system up – and ours as well – we bought a pair of room humidifiers a couple months ago. They work great; one in his room, one in ours, cranking out warm moist air all night long. They’re identical, each with a hard-plastic tank of about a gallon that you fill up with water each night.

The other evening, I was getting Nyan ready for bed as Mommy prepared his nighttime bottle of milk downstairs. I’d just filled up the humidifier tank and placed it, momentarily, on a chair next to his crib as I turned to take care of something else in the room. Nyan is nothing if not fast, and in a matter of seconds, he had stood up to explore this new item – the humidifier on a chair – and a couple seconds later, before Daddy could react, the thing was tumbling to the floor. No problem, I thought – it was nowhere near the boy, and wouldn’t have injured him anyway, since the distance it fell was just over a foot – but apparently it landed just right, just right enough to put a pair of cracks on either side of the tank. Suddenly water was spurting everywhere. I picked it up quickly but just as quickly realized that, because of how it was cracked, there was no way to hold it without water rushing out and on to the carpet. I let out a ‘ahh!’ sound and raced to put it in the tub in the bathroom down the hall.

Meanwhile, poor Mommy downstairs heard a crash, then Daddy saying ‘ahh!’ and then heard footsteps racing toward the bathroom… She naturally feared the worst and ran up the stairs before I could say ‘No, no, it’s nothing major…’ And it wasn’t. Indeed, what was Nyan doing as we cleaned up his mess? Just sitting there, smiling and giggling, as he does. I guess we’ll be buying a new humidifier…

Item three: kamikaze!

Lest this entry leave you thinking our kid’s nothing but trouble – and to be clear, he’s not trouble at all; all of the above was the direct result of his curiosity and fearlessness, which we very much encourage, and while the side effects were not ideal, they are, and were at the time, nothing to get upset about – here’s a fun story to balance things out. He’s got a new thing, one he usually does in the mornings, when he’s full of energy and smiles, while Mommy and Daddy are full of somewhat less amounts of energy, to put it lightly: He now likes to crawl, very quickly, from one of us to the other, shouting the whole way, his voice wavering with each step he takes. He did it this morning and not only was it hilarious, it also prompted Daddy to think it sounded like a kamikaze. (You know how, in the movies, the kamikaze pilots are always doing a battle cry as their plane nears the boat they’re trying to sink? Yeah, like that.) Maybe you had to be there, but we found it hilarious. As did the boy, who kept doing it. It cracked us up, and made our morning just a little bit more bearable.

Yeah, frozen milk and busted humidifiers aside, the kid is alright. We think we’ll keep him.

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One response to “The Things He Does

  1. Grandma L

    November 29, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    Can hardly wait for him to come to Iowa and see what kind of “fun” he has at Grandma and Grandpa’s!! Only 17 more days……


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