Video: Nyan Thomas After Hours

30 Aug

Our boy had a fun day at nursery (day care) today: it was Sports Day! We’re not sure what exactly it involved, but there seemed to be water involved, as he got soaked at one point. He also earned, or at least came home with, a gold medal. Well done!

After his dinner and bath, he wasn’t very sleepy, so we all decided to hang out in the living room for a bit. Wanna see? Just click on the video below. You’ll see mommy playing some percussion instruments with him; you’ll witness him getting bored after a bit and crawling away, babbling; and you’ll see him pick up the TV remote control, point it at the TV, change the channel… and come thisclose to ordering a movie on pay per view. Clever boy; a little too clever sometimes, methinks…

(Video shot on iPhone, hence the less-than-stellar resolution of the picture…]

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