From the Archives: Nyan Thomas and his Folks

04 Apr

Continuing our look back at some recently unearthed videos from months past, today we offer a five-spot of Nyan Thomas. Some good stuff here.

First up: Daddy being silly with the young man. Is there any better sound than a laughing baby? Not really. From Jan. 23, 2012:


I love this one: Mommy reading Dr. Seuss to Nyan Thomas. Feb. 27, 2012:


A brief, shot when we meant to take a still photo but the camera was set on Video. Look at how little he is! Sept. 20, 2011:


Not much going on in this one, but still worth a look. Daddy and Nyan sleeping as Mommy slips into the bedroom for a quick video. Feb. 26, 2012:


And finally, this is sort of a dress rehearsal for this classic video. In this take, we see Daddy making music with little Nyan, and Nyan responding by… spitting up. Oct. 2, 2011:

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