Bonus videos: Tummy Time

11 Sep

While Grandma L. was here last week, she introduced Nyan to the wonders of Tummy Time – which basically means putting him on his tummy, draped over a pillow, and getting him to lift his neck, to build up those muscles. We’ve done it several times since then, and can already feel his neck muscles are stronger. Not yet strong enough to hold up his head on his own – we still have to keep a grip on his neck, lest it flop forward. But still, it’s progress.

Here are five short video clips of Tummy Time from the past few days. (Having trouble embedding the videos into the blog, so I’ll put hyperlinks instead. Click away, but please come back after you’ve watched!)

The first video, from Sept. 6, is available if you click here.

Click here for a video from Sept. 7.

You can click here for the first of three videos from Sept. 11

The second video from that day is available by clicking here.

And click here for the third video of Tummy Time on Sept. 11.


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