Taekwondo: Green Belt!

12 Dec

Our boy keeps insisting he doesn’t want to do taekwondo any more. But it’s a half-hearted plea, and we think motivated much more by feeling a little too lazy to go to class, than by any real objection. And sure enough, once he gets to class, he always has a blast.


In early November, he qualified for the next round of grading, which if he passed would get him a green belt.

And — as you already know from the title of this post — he passed! So a couple weeks later, we got the new-belt ceremony in class.

Now that he’s a green belt, he gets to do sparring, which is a separate one-hour class held just before his regular one-hour taekwondo class. Sparring involves kicking and hitting a fellow student — properly padded, of course — and other fun activities.

So yeah, we expect Nyan will continue to whine about taekwondo, and we’ll continue to take him, and he’ll continue to have a great time. Circle of life.

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