School’s Out for Summer! 

06 Jul

Mid-June saw the end not just of the school year, but of Nyan’s first primary school altogether, as it is being closed so the land can be redeveloped as public high school. 

Before that, though, there were lots of activities, events and special days. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Each morning all year long, one of the children would ring the gong, alerting everyone that it’s time to head to the classroom. One day in June, it was Nyan’s turn! 

Another day, Nyan’s class showed off their song-and-dance moves. That’s Nyan on the right, behind a very enthusiastic Nadia:

His class held an ‘art competition’ in which every kid was invited to turn in their best drawing or painting. Nyan took part; he didn’t win with his submission, “Robot Factory Train” — we never heard who did win — but the point, of course, was just showing off his chops.

One day was declared to be ‘express yourself day,’ when the kids could skip their uniform and wear whatever they wanted. Nyan’s outfit, which he picked out himself, wasn’t bad, we thought.

On the very last day, just before dismissal for the last time, they had a special flag-lowering ceremony.

That same day, Nyan’s class had a potluck lunch where everyone got to hang with their friends for the last time, at least the last time at Chatsworth East.

Finally, some pictures of our boy on the morning of the last day. So long, Chatsworth!

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