Lots More Soccer 

25 Jun

Is Nyan becoming better at soccer (football), now that he’s been at it for five months or so? We’d say so, marginally. What’s really important, though, is that he’s still enjoying it.

One important change: we found a stash of soccer/football jerseys in the closet – shirts we’d been waiting for him to grow into. He’s just about grown into them, so we’ve been busting htem out for practice. Looking good!

Let’s take a look at some live action. Here he is practicing his shots on goal. Practice makes perfect, eventually.

Soccer practice is usually a lot of drills, followed by a scrimmage of some sort. In this game, Nyan shows a little bit of defensive prowess (relatively speaking) And we also see the passion as tempers flare after a goal:

Speaking of defense, check out the boy’s defense in this drill!

Practicing ball control and footwork:

Scoring a goal (eventually) in practice:

Boys being boys:

Here’s some sort of game drill, in which Nyan decided he’d just stand in front of the goal, apparently:

Last but not least, it’s fun to wind down after practice by doing a little climbing on the nearby playground equipment.

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