The School Christmas Party 

08 Jan


Nyan’s school threw a fantastic Christmas party a few days before Christmas. Song, dance, food, cookies… well, let’s go the video. Starting with Nyan’s class doing their rendition of Jingle Bells… in Mandarin:

And it’s not a Christmas pageant without a (rather long!) rendition of the 12 Days of Chrismas.

Maybe our favorite part, though, was a special dance recital. See, Nyan does this weekly class called KinderDance at school. It’s only a handful of kids who do it, but he mostly enjoys it. They were scheduled to do a recital as part of the party. (Note: last year, they were also scheduled to do a recital. But our hero was in the midst of his not-gonna-perform phase, so he just sort of stood there and sulked while his parents looked on in bemused embarrassment. That didn’t prove to be a problem this year though). One of the kids in the class was away on holiday, and another was sick or something. So it ended up being just Nyan and a younger girl. And – at least in the eyes of his proud parents – he did a fantastic job! Checkout the tap dancing:

And this sort of modern, interpretive thing:

Of course you can’t have a Christmas party without Santa:

(Nyan cracked the code though: in that video, when he’s not dancing, he’s whispering to all the adults: ‘That’s not really Santa Claus!’)

At some point the party turned into a preschool dance floor:

After all the fun and songs and dancing, it was time for lunch! Here are the kids, singing their usual pre-lunch song. It’s quite nice:

Bonus track: a few days prior to the party, Daddy happened to come by the school a bit early and catch the kids practicing.


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