In and Around Iowa City

09 Nov

We spent a few weeks in the U.S. in September, based at Grandma and Grandpa’s with a few jaunts around the greater midwest for good measure. Let’s take a look at some of what our hero got up to.

There was a visit to the local natural history museum, where Nyan got his very own helmet with a light at the front:

And we visited the public open house at Hancher Auditorium, a performance hall that was rebuilt after being destroyed by a flood in 2008. This was a place where Daddy spent a lot of time as a kid growing up in Iowa City, so it was a special event for him. Nyan enjoyed being on the stage too.

We also drove to Chicago to visit friends, including Leo, Jacob and Eli, the sons of Phil and Jill.

And oh yes, there was a trampoline:

Grandma and Grandpa also took Nyan to a model airplane club’s annual exhibition show, featuring lots of toy planes and a bizarre helicopter display too:

It wasn’t all running around though: sometimes Nyan just stayed at home and made a robot out of a box and a Transformers mask.

Here we see him running through the halls at Great Grandma’s apartment and deciding who to pledge his collegiate loyalty to:

And finally, just some random photos from around the great state of Iowa. Enjoying the park, working a puzzle, watching a lovely sunset, feeding fish with Grandma, relaxing on a giant teddy bear, and so forth.

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