Dancing King

09 Sep

One of the highlights of our recent trip around the world — six and a half weeks, split evenly between the UK and the US — was a family get together outside of London. Nyan got to hang with Phwa Phwa and his aunties, uncles and cousins, including here with Poppy at a country pub:

At the actual get-together itself, the dress was formal, and I dare say Nyan fills out fancy dress just fine. Check him out posing with his cousins and with Mommy and Daddy:

And strutting around like he owns the place:

And giving kisses to cousin Elodie:


The highlight, though, was absolutely what happened at night. There was a dance floor and a DJ, and let’s just say that our young man absolutely wiped the floor with everybody else. Dude was out of control. Off the chain. On fire. Etc. Here’s a million videos of the boy and his moves:

The jacket came off pretty soon, of course.

Eventually the shirt came off and this dancing fool was down to his vest:

He started to run out of steam eventually:

Definitely getting tired, though he found a last burst of energy:

Still, he outlasted many of the adults and it was nearly midnight before he finally passed out. What a night!


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One response to “Dancing King

  1. Val McKee

    November 16, 2016 at 11:26 pm

    Love THE KISS! That could be a blackmail photo some day…


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