Chinese New Year

13 Apr

The Lunar New Year, or Chinese New Year (or CNY), is a big deal out here in Asia and in Singapore — two public holidays, huge parties and family get-togethers, much symbolism. And, in Singapore at least, a big festival down at Marina Bay. There were carnival rides, carnival food, giant inflatable peacocks, acrobats — standard festival fare, really.

It was a beautiful evening:

And a lot of people came out for the colors, the fresh air, the inflatable peacocks.

Phwa-Phwa (Mommy’s Mommy) was in town so she joined us.

We ate a fair amount of rather lousy food (carnival food, what do you expect), including a lime-green popsicle for the young man.

Did we mention there were carnival rides?


There were carnival rides. Including this sort of kiddie roller coaster (okay, that’s maybe stretching it a bit) featuring lots of cars and trucks going up and down a twisty track. Nyan loved it.

There was also a train. Nyan got to sit in the front, along with several other random boys. They all happened to be wearing orange t-shirts, purely by coincidence.

Yes, Nyan had a blast. He absolutely loved it. Happy belated Chinese New Year, everybody!


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