Nyan Thomas and the Singapore Flyer

08 Apr

We’re going back in time a bit for this one: July 2014, when young Nyan Thomas was not yet three years old, and was still new to Singapore. One Saturday afternoon, he took Mommy and Daddy to the Singapore Flyer, a huge Ferris wheel down by the shore. It’s 541 feet tall, and was for a time the largest Ferris wheel in the world, until a couple years ago when Las Vegas opened one that’s 9 feet higher.

It’s obviously a tourist attraction, but not a terribly popular one: it was in bankruptcy when we visited, and has since been bought out by someone. We could see why: a nice bright Saturday afternoon and we had the place mostly to ourselves. It was a bit pricey, yes, but beyond that, we can’t really figure out why it’s not more popular. It’s certainly scenic:


(Photo taken from the Internet; the rest of the photos in this post are by Daddy)

And some great views from up there:

Also great for family selfies:

And back down at ground level, they had cardboard airline pilot cut-outs for Nyan to stick his face in:

All in all, it was a fine way to spend an hour or so. Would we recommend it to visitors? Sure we would. Would we return ourselves? Eh, maybe. Wouldn’t go out of our way to go there, but wouldn’t refuse outright. (And let’s not forget that it’s a great landmark that Nyan loves to point out when we take the bus from our apartment in to the city — we go right over that bridge you can see in the middle background in the first picture, above.) We don’t mean to sound too lukewarm on the Singapore Flyer, though I guess we do sound lukewarm. Well, call a spade a spade: it’s tall, it’s a little pricey, it’s got great views, it’s just fine. Nothing more, nothing less.

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