Happy New Year!

02 Jan

A very happy new year from everyone here at Nyan Thomas World HQ, to all our loyal fans and readers around the world. This year promises to be an exciting and fun-filled year, but we thought we’d kick things off with a quick look back at the year that was. 2014 was pretty eventful for us – a move from London to Singapore, exploring the Little Red Dot (as this island is known), traveling around Southeast Asia, settling in to a new apartment and new school, making new friends… whew!

Eventful, yes, and overall very successful, we’d say. Nyan continues to amaze and delight his Mommy and his Daddy — that is, when he’s not exasperating them with his cleverness and mischievousness. As we tell each other all the time: Hey, he’s three years old – what do you expect?

No further ado, here’s a review of Nyan Thomas in 2014.

January 2014 — What’s With All the Clothes? It was a typically dark, damp and chilly January in London. It’s weird now to see Nyan dressed in long sleeves, winter coats, etc.

February 2014 — Big Boy Bed. Winter continues, but Nyan’s happy – especially when we convert his crib to an open-faced Big Boy Bed. He’s growing up!

March 2014 — Spring Soon Come. Still in London, but a lot of outdoor pictures from this month. Perhaps getting in shape for all the time we spend outside in Singapore?

April 2014 — A Farewell to London. Our final days in London featured a going away party, lots of packing and last-minute errands, and some dudes breaking into our house in the middle of the night as we slept upstairs, making off with our car, Daddy’s camera, a couple computers, some cash, etc. A typical month, really.

April/May 2014 — Interlude.  Nyan and Daddy spent three weeks in Iowa, soaking up that Midwestern goodness before heading east.

May 2014 — Hotel Living. A few weeks in temporary housing as we start to settle in to Singapore.

June 2014 — Settling In. A new apartment, a new school, then another new school after the first new school doesn’t pass muster.

July 2014 — Three!  Nyan turns three years old. Time flies.

August 2014 — Meet the Panda.  We met a panda at a local wildlife park. We traveled to Indonesia. Nyan visited the dentist for the first time. Action-packed month!

September 2014 — Langkawi. We visited Langkawi, Malaysia, and also took up some swimming lessons. Definitely feeling settled in here by now.

October 2014 — Dr. Nyan Thomas L. Nyan dressed up as a doctor for Halloween. He also hung out with his pals Kyle and Daniel, continued to swim, and mostly just kept being Nyan.

November 2014 — Visitors!  Grandma and Grandpa L., followed by Auntie Zuzu and Uncle Iain. A very good month.

December 2014 — Holiday Cheer. We visited Vietnam. We visited Changi Beach Park. We celebrated Christmas. Not too shabby.

Not a bad year at all, we’d say. Here’s to an even better 2015!

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