Today’s poem: created kid/now tried

13 Jan

This one’s just for fun: turns out that Youtube has an auto-transcription feature for vidoes, using Google voice technology or somesuch to provide closed captioning. So I turned on that feature for the video from earlier this week (see it here) of Nyan Thomas’s first solid food.

Let’s just say Google voice technology still has a ways to go. But it does make for some interesting poetry. Here it is.


much one child

welcome but but but but but

go to a lot for the camera the future


scraps spent

you accepted

using he’s plates at this point

handcuffing the portrait

burke young then you’re going to administer the vote ten years twenty years

happily situated

we project these are the big three d_o_ legrand speech

created kid

now tried

through first

he’s got the huge but


inferences that and

made under which the two you see onto with


uh… block


predator document about it

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