Up All Night

05 Oct

No, not really. But this’ll be a post about sleeping, or the occasional lack thereof.

That’s also the name of a new sitcom that we’ve watched a few episodes of. It’s got some Saturday Night Live veterans plus Christina Applegate, and it’s about a sorta-youngish couple going through the joys and struggles of having a new baby. One of the parents works, one stays home. (The father is even named Chris!) Hilarity ensues.

Okay, maybe not quite hilarity. It’s a new sitcom, and it’s clearly still trying to find its groove. Some kinda dumb plotlines. But there are some clever moments and some good satirical humor, and of course there are moments that speak to us, as new parents. Can’t imagine a non-parent would find it that compelling, but I’m sure there are worse things on television.

As for being up all night, Nyan continues to sleep pretty well through the night. Oh, he still fusses and fights sleep for a while in the evenings, but around 9pm or so he falls into a deep sleep. After that, it’s pretty much lights out for as long as we’re sleeping, except for a couple of wake-ups for feeding. Usually he’ll have a bottle around 8pm, then another around midnight or 1am, and then four hours after that, so either 4 or 5am. And that’s it. Not bad at all.

The procedure we try to follow is that on weeknights, Beatrice handles the overnight feeds, since I’m supposed to be resting up for work the next day, while I take them on the weekends so she can catch up on her sleep. It works pretty well, although this week Bea’s been fighting off a cold or something, in addition to a bad back, so I’ve grabbed a few overnight sessions. Like Tuesday night: I was a bit late in getting to bed – around 12:30 – and had just drifted off when Nyan started making the little crying noises that say he’s starting to get hungry. So I gave him a bottle and changed a diaper; and by the time I could finally fall asleep it was 1:30.

He did the same thing around 5am, and it took until 5:30 before he was all done. That gave me another hour of light sleep before I had to get up and start my day. I’d tell you how much sleep that all means I got over the course of the night, but my brain isn’t handling math too well these days. (Good thing I’m a financial journalist, eh?) Yes, I’ve had a serious case of baby brain of late. Just moments where I forget simple things, or can’t process the simplest tasks. I don’t think it’s affected my work yet, as far as I know.

All in all, though, the kid is sleeping solid for most of the night, at age two months (or nine weeks, take your pick). I don’t know if that’s normal or what, but it’s better than I think we expected, so there’s absolutely no complaining going on here.

Now then, to sleep…

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