Day Four: First Stroller Ride

29 Jul

Friday – Nyan’s first full day at home – was much the same as Thursday for the new mom and dad: a whole lot of nothing other than resting and getting to know this mysterious and marvelous creature we have created. He did get his first outing, a trip to the pediatrician. We had signed up with the highly recommended Tribeca Pediatrics ahead of time; their Boerum Hill office is one block from our apartment, so we hooked up the car seat to the stroller frame, strapped Nyan back in, and strolled down the street.

Our neighborhood is an interesting mixture of, well, pretty much everything. It is – like Fort Greene, the nearby Brooklyn  neighborhood I called home for nearly six years before moving to Boerum Hill – very diverse. Diverse in people ((black, white, Hispanic; rich, poor, middle-class; homeless, maybe homeless, passed out drunk on the sidewalk); diverse in housing stock (classic brownstones, ugly pre-bubble midrise condos, concrete public housing towers); diverse in businesses  (dirty bodegas, cozy bistros, boutique wine shops and high-end clothing stores, laundromats and taxi repair centers and craft beer bars and hair salons and a salsa dance studio, and on the edge of the neighborhood, a bunch of mega-chain stores like Target, Walgreens, Best Buy, DSW, Chuck E. Cheese’s and a still-being-built NBA arena).

I like diversity in my neighborhoods, so I like Boerum Hill a lot. Nyan, though, has yet to pick up on that fascination: he dozed the entire way to the doctor’s office, even as the stroller thumped and bumped over the uneven bluestone sidewalk panels. He woke up when we got to the office, but he stayed calm as the nurse and then the doctor weighed him, measured him, looked in his nostrils and ears, and gave Beatrice and I a rundown of what to look for. His health checked out just fine.

(We continue to be amazed, and wary, at how calm and easy-going he is. Some bouts of fussiness and light crying, sure – but those moments almost always come when he’s hungry or needs a diaper change, and he quickly settles back down once those needs have been met. Mostly he’s just mellow. Alert and (it seems to us) bright, but just pretty laid back. We’re fully aware that this can, and likely will, change at a moment’s notice. So we’re enjoying it for now.)

Regardless, after an afternoon and evening just hanging around the house with Grandma and Grandpa, we all got a decent night of sleep that night, as Nyan slept pretty solidly with only a few wake-ups for feeding or diaper changes. It’s still very early innings, but we’re loving it.

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One response to “Day Four: First Stroller Ride

  1. Mike

    August 4, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Chris & Bea, Enjoy these moments and take lots of pictures.


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