Ode to Grandma – with photos!

12 Sep

As you’ve read, Grandma L. came to visit for a few days last week, arriving on Labor Day and leaving on Saturday. She’s been to New York many times before, and felt no need or desire to do anything touristy at all. All she wanted to do was hang out with, and spoil, Nyan. And did she ever! The young man spent pretty much all day every day in her arms, napping or just cuddling, or otherwise getting plenty of attention.

And just like the other guests we’ve been fortunate to host since Nyan’s birth, Grandma also taught Beatrice and I plenty about taking care of him. It’s not that we lack confidence, really; we say often enough “We don’t know what we’re doing!” but that’s mostly us being facetious or self-deprecating. We’re doing just fine.

But we’re more than happy to learn from others who’ve been down this road before. Like Tummy Time, which you’ve seen videos of. We’d been putting him on his belly for a few minutes at a time, to get him used to it and all that. But Grandma taught us to put his body in the hole in the middle of the boppy pillow, and drape his tummy over the pillow itself, in order to learn how to lift his head and build his neck muscles. He took to it like a fish to water, and as I mentioned, you can already tell the difference in Nyan’s stronger neck.

Grandma was also a good role model for just regular interaction with the little guy. She would talk to him constantly, in that slightly higher pitched voice that they say you should use with a baby. Talking to him about anything – introducing him to various toys, talking about food, discussing the weather, you name it. Again, this is certainly something we were doing already, but it was wonderful to see him get so much interaction and attention, and to see him respond to it as well.  And a good reminder to us to do plenty of that.

We were all sad when Grandma got into the car on Saturday afternoon to take her to the airport. We stood on the sidewalk, holding Nyan, waving as the driver headed down the street. He noticed Grandma had tears in her eyes and, as she put it in an email to us later:

The driver asked me in his broken English if that was a grandson and I said yes.  He then said congratulations and “you not want to leave?”  No, not want to leave……

Aw. But not to worry, Grandma: you’re coming back for a couple days in October. And for about five days in November. Nyan is already looking forward to it!

Here, some pictures from Grandma’s stay.

On Friday, while Daddy was at work, Grandma and Mommy strapped Nyan into the stroller and rolled him down to Prospect Park, a gorgeous large park, Brooklyn’s answer to Central Park. It’s just as lovely, if not quite as large. Everyone enjoyed it; Nyan especially enjoyed listening to all the birds chirping away in the trees.


And here they are on Saturday, just before Grandma had to leave…

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